Why We Protest Scientology Wiki

Anonymous is a loosely led Internet group that works to fight Scientology and warn people about the harm that Scientology causes. Anonymous basically work to inform people about the evil side of Scientology online and offline, they hold demonstrations wearing masks to prevent Scientology reprisals and aim to have fun while they do all this.

Anonymous has no big problem with the Freezone which they don’t consider cult like though some Freezone leaders came from official Scientology and may have had a dubious record there.

We are Anonymous We are legion We do not forgive We do not forget Expect us.[1]

External links[]

  • Why We Protest Anonymous home page with information about what they do and how they counteract Scientology
  • Why We Protest, Activism forum Anonymous forum where they discuss what’s bad about Scientology and what countermeasures’ to take.
  • Why We Protest Wiki A serious research wiki aimed at recording facts about Scientology and the evil involved with it


Anonymous make cool videos, some with music.