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Incredulicide Incredulicide 24 July 2020

Twelve Psychological Mechanism Combinations Found in Scientology

Intentional or not, here are (ED: now over) a dozen combinations of psychological mechanisms that can be found in various aspects/experiences in Scientology:

  1. Asch conformity experiments combined with love-bombing (Body Routing)
  2. Barnum Effect combined with Closing techniques (Regging)
  3. Ganzfeld effect combined with trance-inducing compliance and Traumatic bonding (TRs, Bullbaiting)
  4. Ideomotor phenomenon combined with Illusory correlation (E-meter)
  5. Double Bind and Confusion Technique combined with Delusions of Grandeur (Auditing)
  6. Self-imposed Disaffectation combined with Projective Identification (Emotional Tone Scale)
  7. Escalation of commitment combined with Reiteration effect (Course Graduation "Success Stories")
  8. Thought-terminating cliches combined w…
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Incredulicide Incredulicide 1 February 2014

Jerry Pournelle and the Alleged Separateness of Writers of the Future and Scientology

@4:10 - "Hubbard left a legacy of this Writers of the Future thing which is not conne.. it is connected with Scientology in the sense that the Scientologists basically man the professional staff of it, but the judges are not, the guy who teaches the course for writers who win the things are not. It's Tim Powers and he's Roman Catholic. In other words it's straight, and I don't really want to tar that place which does good with a lot of these things about Hubbard" -- Jerry Pournelle

Compare that to what was reported in the Village Voice on the 12th of March, 2012, and to what Deirdre Saoirse Moen blogged about on the 14th of February that year. She was in Scientology for 11 years as Deirdre Maloy - her story.

Edit: @0:18 "The guy that knew him …

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Incredulicide Incredulicide 15 August 2013

Build into society a stimulus-response mechanism

"Each time Scientology is attacked we will build into the society, if all of you do this, we'll build into the society an actual stimulus-response mechanism whereas an attack on Scientology is actually an attack on human rights, and a person making such an attack is in favor of psychiatric death camps."

-- L.Ron Hubbard

This audio clip is from the RJ-68 recording done at the beginning of 1969 about the happenings in 1968.

Not long before this Ron recorded himself telling the Xenu story on October 3rd 1968 that equates our upsetsengrams with Body Thetans which he reiterated a decade later in a Hubbard Communication Office Bulletin (HCOB) of September 17, 1978: "Obsessive duplication is a BT characteristic. Maybe all that engrams are is excessiv…

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Incredulicide Incredulicide 17 July 2013

Interviews of Nicole Remini

Lori Barghini and Julia Cobbs interview Nicole Remini on MyTalk 107.1

She was also interviewed by Colleen Lindstrom. Here's a transcript of the interview (excerpts added as they become available):

Leah and Nicole aren't the only members of the family to leave the church.

Everybody left... when this all came down, everybody had to make a choice whether they were going to stick by Leah or stick by the church. So they all left at the same time.

They all had to make a choice of what they were going to do. This is how we are as a family. We stick together. It's just not an option. So, for my family, staying in Scientology under the circumstances was not an option. Choosing the church over Leah was never going to happen. You think about it, if they'd…

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Incredulicide Incredulicide 17 June 2013

The Sun's Apology to Aliens

Following its article "Flying Saucers over British Scientology HQ":

This made it onto Harry Shearer's "Apologies of the week" segment of his weekly radio program "Le Show":

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Incredulicide Incredulicide 24 March 2013

The Venn Diagram of Irrational Nonsense

View it directly in your browser (you'll need the Tahoma and Times New Roman fonts installed on your OS to view it as intended, something the serverside PNG generator of this thumbnail obviously doesn't have)

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