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This is a glossary of the terms used in the [COS_Organization_Chart_with_footnotes|COS Organization Chart].

Acronym Full name Up
Template:AnchorABLE Association for better living and education
AFBWI Artists for a better world International
AOLA Advanced Organization Los Angeles CSWUS
AOSH Advanced Organization Saint Hill
AOSHEA Advanced Organization Saint Hill Europe and Africa
AOSHUK Advanced Organization Saint Hill (UK)
AS Applied scholastics (International) Template:Target
ASHO American Saint Hill Organization
Template:AnchorASI Author Services Inc Template:Target
AVCI Authorization, Verification and Correction International Template:Target
BMS Building Management Services Template:Target
BPI Bridge Publications, Inc Template:Target
CCF Cherish the Children Foundation, Inc
Template:AnchorCCHR Citizen's Commission on Human Rights Template:Target
CC(I) Celebrity Centre (International)
CCV Clearwater Community Volunteers
CEO Children’s Estates Organization
Class V Orgs
CLO Continental liaison office
CLO ANZO CLO Australia, New Zealand, Oceania
Template:AnchorCMO(I) Commodore's messenger organization (International) Template:Target
COB Chairman of the board [of RTC]
COS Church of scientology
COS Inc Church of scientology Inc (in Australia) -
COSAI Church of scientology Australia CLO ANZO
Criminon Template:Target
CSFFSO Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization
Template:AnchorCSI Church of scientology International Template:Target, Template:Target
C/S Int Case Supervisor International Template:Target
CSRT Church of scientology religious trust [1] Template:Target
Template:AnchorCST Church of spiritual technology
Template:AnchorCSWUS Church of scientology western US [2] Template:Target
DAS Danish Association of Scientologists IAS
DCI Dianetics Centers International SMI
DFI Dianetics Foundation International Template:Target, CST
DFM Drug Free Marshalls Template:Target
EAS European Association of Scientologists IAS
ES(I) Executive Strata International Template:Target
FCB Flag command bureau IMEC
FCSR Florida Citizens for Social Reform. Inc
Flag Shortcut for FSO
Flag (base) Base in Clearwater, FL
FON Friends of Narconon Narconon
FNCC Flag Network Coordination Committee
Freedom Magazine Template:Target
FRF Foundation for Religious Freedom [3]
FSO Flag Service Organization
FSM Field staff members
FST Flag ship trust
GEP Golden Era Productions
Gold (base) Base in Hemet, CA
HASI Hubbard Association of Scientologists International IAS
HCA Hubbard College of Administration Template:Target)
HELP Hollywood Education and Literacy Project
HGBEO Hollywood Guaranty Building Estates Organization
HRO Human Rights Office Template:Target
IADS International Academy of Detoxification Specialists
Template:AnchorIAS International association of scientologists Template:Target, Template:Target
IASA IAS Administrations, Inc [4] IAS
IFO International Finance Office Template:Target
IGN Inspector General Network [5] Template:Target
IHELP International Hubbard Ecclesiastical League of Pastors Template:Target
ILO International Landlord Office Template:Target
IMEC International Management Executive Committee ES(I)
IMPRO International Management Public Relations Office
Template:AnchorIMSANV International Membership Services Administration, N.V. (NL ?) ?
INCOMM International Network of Computer Organized Management
Int Base (see GOLD) -
LEAP Literacy, Education and Ability Program API
LRHPPO LRH Personal Public Relations Office International Template:Target
Manor Saint Hill Manor (UK) -
MCL MCL Services, Nassau
Mile High Inc buit vaults Template:Target
Template:AnchorMSAL Membership Services Administrations Ltd (UK) ?
MTIC Membership Tour Independent Contractors IAS
Narconon Narconon International Template:Target
NEP New Era Publications International ApS (DK) Template:Target
OSA Office of special affairs FCB
PAC Pacific Area Command Template:Target
PAO Public Affairs Office, Washington DC Template:Target
PBC Pacific Base Crew
PDO Planetary Dissemination Org [6] INCOMM
RAD Riders Against Drugs
RPF Rehabilitation project force Template:Target
Template:AnchorRTC Religious technology center -
SAGE Set a Good Example (Foundation) [7] WTH(FI)
SCS Template:Target
SIPRO Scientology International Properties Renovations Organization
SIRT Scientology International Reserves Trust (UK) Template:Target
Template:AnchorSMI Scientology Missions International Template:Target
SO Sea Org ?
SORS Sea Org Reserves (UK) Ltd (to be confirmed) SIRT
Trementina (NM) vault site Template:Target
TWTH The way to happiness WTHFI
UHR United for human rights
USIASMT U.S. IAS Members' Trust IAS
VM Volunteer ministers Template:Target
WAHE World Association of Hubbard Enterprises Template:Target
Template:AnchorWDC Watchdog committee Template:Target
Template:AnchorWISE World institue of scientology enterprises
WLC World Literacy Crusade
WOTF Writers of the future Template:Target
Template:AnchorWTH(FI) Way to happiness (foundation International)
YFHRI Youth for human rights International CCHR
  1. Absorbed International Scientology Religious Trust, ISRT, and US Churches of Scientology Trust.
  2. Formely Church of scientology of California, CSC.
  3. Dormant, took over the Cult Awareness Network, CAN.
  4. Formerly Foundation International Membership Services Administrations, FIMSA.
  5. Formerly Hubbard Dianetics Foundation.
  6. Formely Central Marketing Unit, CMU.
  7. Formerly Concerned Businessmen's Association of America.