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Kaja Bordevich Ballo was a Norwegian university student in the French town of Nice from a family successful in the Norwegian Parliament. On March 28 2008 Kaja Ballo took the Oxford Capacity Analysis run by the Church of Scientology and committed suicide.

Kaja Ballo's family and friends claim she was in good humour, had many friends and was enjoying French studies in Nice until Friday March 28, when she was invited into a storefront Scientology centre near the student housing complex where she lived. A fellow student claimed on national television that she "changed" after the meeting and the receipt of results of a controversial personality test she was given by the Scientologists. She killed herself a few hours later. [1]

After her death Ballo’s family found the test that she had completed together with the Scientologists claims about her personality in Ballo’s room. Those who knew her strongly dispute the claim that she was “depressed, irresponsible and lacked harmony”.

I have a feeling that something must have happened suddenly, that they hit a vulnerable spot. Personally I believe that Kaja had been alive today if she hadn't been in contact with the scientologists. I had the impression that she enjoyed Nice. She often spoke of the future and her plans at the university. [2]

In the opinion of psychologist Rudy Myrvang tests of the type that Ballo took are unconstructive and intended to break the person who took the test down after which the Scientologists suggest that the person pay a fee so the Scientologists can build that person up again. A friend described the late Kaja Ballo as “full of life and funny”, with many projects and stated that she was in good condition the morning before she took the test. [2]

Ballo had been popular and many friends attended her funeral. During the funeral the priest told them about the connection with Scientology. [3] [4] [5] [1]


Copied from Wikipedia where I wrote a large part