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Learn to digg

Open an account on Digg.com

Once a day or so, search "Scientology". Set search options to All Stories, Sort Newest First, (edit: click this, it's already set: Search for "scientology")

NOTE: Check box to Include Buried Stories seems to no longer show up in the search options.

Digg Anti-Sci stories. Bury Pro-Sci stories.

If you submit a story to digg, you can post it in this thread so others can digg it. It's also a good idea to post those digg links in threads pertaining the topic.

IMPORTANT: if you see a digg link in a thread and you want to digg it, Right Click -> Copy Link Location -> Open New Tab -> Right Click URL box -> Paste!

Should work just dandy. (Not tested for IE). If you click it directly, digg doesn't weight your digg as heavily when choosing what stories become popular.

You can practice on these two diggs:

Digg - Xenu features on National broadcaster in Australia

Digg - Scientologist Reveals "Psychiatry" Made Osama Do 9/11

Even if you do this, it's still a good idea to search for 'scientology' on digg, because all the relevant submissions won't necessarily be posted on this forum.

EDIT: If we're going to expose Scientology bury-bots, don't forget to keep track of the stats on your latest "fans" on Digg.

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