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This page will be used for cataloging Politicians that have ties to Scientology. This is a work in progress. Please feel free to contribute and all suggestions are welcome:

Instructions for the list[]

Names are listed per country. Ad names sorted by family name. State the persons political party and position. Give a short outline of the nature of the persons affiliation (e.g. cult advisors, taking their money, speaking at their events). Put in relevant 3rd party sources at the end. Ad a link to thr relevant WWP discussion where applicable.

Great Britain[]

Christopher Brightmore JP[]

Brigtmore is a magistrate and Town Clerk in Louth, Lincolnshire, and is (or was) University Lecturer, Leicester University. He is involved in Scientology Org Brussels and was Commissioner of Citizens Commission on Human Rights, a scientologist front-group. Brightmore was a lay person on the UK's General Medical Council fitness to practice panel. He was eventually sacked for not declaring his involvement with CCHR as a conflict of interest since his role included assessing/passing judgement on psychiatrists' fitness to practice in a landmark case in the UK in regard to scientology/ Conflict of Interest. He stood down as commissioner of CCHR on 1st Jan 2001.

Previously he was Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Brightmore of the City of London Police (see also Kevin Hurley and Chief Superintendent Ken Stewart, Special Branch). While he served, Police officers has been shown to accept gifts from Church of Scientology.



Adly Abu Hajar[]

Hajar is a representative for the Moderaterna (Moderate Party). He spoke at the inauguration of Malmlö Ideal Org in Arlöv. When asked if he would do so again, he is quoted as saying "yes, if I have the time and it suits me".


Iva Parizkova Ryggeståhl[]

Ryggeståhl is a representative of the Folkpartiet (Liberal People's Party), having a seat in the City Council of Malmlö, Southern Sweden. She first became involved with NarcoNon, and later with scientology. Her party colleges asked to step down after it became known that she had participated in the inauguration of Malmlö Ideal Org in Arlöv. She has since left regional politics.



Sharron Angle[]

Angle is a Republican candidate for U.S. Senate from Nevada, and is running for 2010 Nevada Senate. She served 4 terms in the Nevada assembly and is a NFWL member. She pushed hard to get Second Chance into Nevada prisons but ultimately failed. She has also endorsed the touch assist. She denied the the rumor that she’s a Scientologist.


John P. Coale[]

Coale is the chairman of the Board of Directors of UMMS (University of Maryland Medical System). He is a Democrate, a supporter and contributor to Hillary Clinton and Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley. Coale also - perhaps strangely - backed John McCain’s presidential bid, and enjoyed palling around with Sarah Palin. He is married to Scientologist Greta Van Susteren of Fox News

Coale is an OT VII and trial lawyer who got rich from the “tobacco wars” and has particpated in Scientology’s assault on Ritalin, taking on not only its manufacturer, Novartis, but the American Psychiatric Association (APA) and patient advocacy group CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention Defict Disorder). He got his curent position through sponsoring Democrat governor of Maryland Martin O’Malley.


Brad Sherman[]

Bradley J. "Brad" Sherman is the representative of California 27th Congressional District, United States of America. Member of the Democrat party. He has appeared in a least one Church of Scientology video ("In support of Human Rights") as well as attending the opening of the Washington D.C. Ideal Org in November 2009.


Jeff Stone[]

Jeff Stone is a supervisor in Riverside County, United States of America. He is a Republican. Stone came to Anonymous' attention through forwarding and getting through Ordinance 884, banning protests from "residential areas", a law wanted by the CoS to stop protests at Gold Base. Stone defended teh proposition by referring to a slanderous booklet made by the CoS, calling Anonymous "terrorists" and a "hate group".

Stone was running for the State Senate for the Republicans in June 2010, but lost to assemblyman Joel Anderson.


Martin O’Malley[]

O’Malley is Governor of Maryland, United States of America. He is a Democrate. His campaign got into a $500,000 debt. He was bailed out John P. Coale (see above). After O'Malley became governor, he appointed Coal to chairman of the Board of Directors of UMMS (University of Maryland Medical System). Most of the old board resigned in protest.


Sarah Palin[]

Former governor of Aaska, Palin was candidate for vice president under John McCain in the 2009 presidential election in the USA. She belong to the right wing of the Republican party. Her campaign was sponsored by Democrate (!) John P. Coale, and he became the leading advisor to her campaign after McCains lost the presidential campaign. Mr. Coale is an OT VII.


More shills[]

"Clearwatergate" thread at WWP: http://forums.whyweprotest.net/15-media/clearwatergate-us-politics-scientology-29944/


Derek Lee[]

Federal Member of Parliament for Scarborough-Rouge River (Liberal Party), elected since 1988. Derek Lee has been in a Scientology promotional video and regularly attends Scientology-sponsored events.


Michelle Simpson[]

Federal Member of Parliament for Scarborogh Southwest (Liberal Party). She promotes the Drug-Free Marshals Scientology front group.

(The link of her site is to drugfreemarshals.scientology-tor.ca, so she's aware of the connection.)

Bernard Patry[]

Federal Member of Parliament for Pierrefonds-Dollard (Liberal Party), elected since 1993. He is apparently an unwitting shill for the Scientology front-group NarcoNon.


Nina Grewal[]

Federal Member of Parilament for Fleetwood—Port Kells (Conservative Party), elected since 2004. She allowed her image to be used on a booklet for "The Way to Happiness", a scientology front-group.


Randy White[]

Former federal Member of Parliament, now on the board of directors of the Drug Prevention Network of Canada, an organization that has been infiltrated by NarcoNon.

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