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The Documented Lies of L. Ron Hubbard

This list is taken from "A Bare-Faced Messiah" by Russel Miller, in a rough chronological order.

Lie Truth
"L. Ron Hubbard(LRH)'s grandfather was a wealthy rancher who owned a quarter of Montana" LRH's grandfather was a small-time veterinarian, who supplemented his income renting out horses and buggies.[1]
"LRH could ride a full grown horse by the age of three" This is physically impossible. Just think about it.
"LRH became a blood brother of the Blackfoot Indian tribe at age 5" The Blackfoots have denied all knowledge of LRH. In fact, they don't even use a "blood brother" ceremony. [1]
"LRH became the youngest Eagle Scout ever, at the age of 12" There is no records of anyone ever becomeing an Eagle Scout at the age of 12. Ever.
"LRH was an excellent student, excelling even though he had to move frequently" He was a mediocre student, when he attended school. Most of the time he was home schooled by his mother.
"LRH traveled all around the world in his youth, meeting and becoming friends with many pacific and far eastern cultures." In fact, all that happened is LRH ran away from home to find his father (a naval officer based in Indonesia). He only stayed for a few months and rarely left the base. He would have had little chance to interact with indiginous culutres.
"LRH attended George Washington University and exelled, starting with psychology, and then moving on to engineering, gaining a degree" In fact, LRH left university after only two years. He never gained a degree, failing all his classes except English.
"LRH peformed a breakthrough experiment at university. He used a device that measures the waves and patterns in a voice, and read it an English Poem and a Japanese (which he was fluent in) Haiku, proving that all languages share a common root in the human psyche" No such experiment was ever performed. Also, LRH could not speak Japanese.
"After university, LRH organised a highly successful Geological survey mission, travling around the pacific in a yatch" Although this expidition did happen, it was an absolute disaster. LRH lost his funders thousands and thousands of dollars, and discovered absolutly nothing of use. In fact, he lost so much money he couldn't afford to pay the crew, almost causing a mutiny. The boat also almost sank several times.
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