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Template:Active The following group of pages is an ongoing project to collate a list of people who were victimized by the Church of Scientology by having their lives ended or ruined. They may include victims of Scientology's Fair Game practice and people who have died, committed suicide or been driven insane because of their involvement with Scientology. Their names are listed alphabetically by surname.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please verify all names before adding! This means finding a form of media such as news interviews, books, articles, forums, or personal websites about the victim's adverse experience with Scientology. These are real people, and if there are incorrect results in Google, it can affect them directly. Please provide a brief summary, and links to relevant references. Also, if available, please provide information about the number of years in, position in Scientology/levels achieved, and location.

This is a work in progress. If anyone can help disprove any of these names, or fill in blanks (i.e. how long they were in, their position, deceased, etc), your help would be much appreciated. When put all together, it should act as a compelling preponderance of evidence against the legitimacy of organized Scientology.

The Victims of Scientology[]

"It's one game against another, one farce against another, and that the whole thing was a lie." Lavenda van Schaick

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