Why We Protest Scientology Wiki

This wiki is in brainstorming and material collecting state. There is also a thread on enturbulation that can be used to discuss things more extensively if necessary.

It is planned to create an extensive Spanish website with information critical of Scientology. It was indicated that the lack of reliable, detailed and well structured information in the Spanish language is a major weakness of the opposition to CoS in Spain and other Spanish-speaking countries.


How to Share in[]

  • Please feel free to edit this wiki as you like
  • I suggest we both plan AND discuss on the same page in the beginning (as it's more comfortable)
  • Don't simply delete ideas of others, rather give your opinion (post larger comments in the enturbulation thread or on the discussion page)
  • Use the following "wiki code" to discuss in this thread:  :~~~'': for a simple comment, adding more of ":" if you comment on an existing comment
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  • Why don't we maintain this "landing page" as clean as possible, and instead discuss in the related "discussion" one?


Maybe this ain't necessary but it's kind of motivating and interesting to see how many people are willing to work on this project.

  • Chanon (anonimo at enturb)
  • Chesirecat (the same in enturb)
  • TheAnonymous (same in enturb)
  • Dildohands (random, etc)
  • Marcabian Parallax Denigrate (same in enturb)

To be done[]

  • add links to protest material
  • gather links to Spanish material on the internet that could be used
  • gather links to good youtubes, google videos etc.
  • ask permission for translation and advice to the webmasters of the "big" websites (like lermanet or xenu.net)

major decisions to be taken[]

  • let's get a decision whether we want to have it all wiki-style (easy to update, trolling risk, easier to edit, ...) or like a real website (gives more design options, possibly greater appeal to the viewer, better media support)
  • shall we start off the project like a encontrastelatarjeta website?
~~at the http://wiki.costruth.com they say something about anon´s dns.
ideas: we need a place to work without the merciless troll edits, so:
1. we could create a content box with all the needed content (links inside the website, content for each part, hidden content via pm, etc)
2. at the forum (or a new one) we could create a new topic for each one of the content needed
3. the opening post will be the updating text. must have a version number
4. the next posts inside that topic will be the pool of ideas/ brainstorming/ thinktank/etc
5. with that feedback, all the mayor edits could be done here at the wiki
6. when it is somewhat clear and has form and its understandable, post the update at the forum
7. backup the updated texts (with versions) at the local/external hard drive
8. when the flyers/texts/images for the parts of the webpage are done, send to the uploaders/ webmasters
9. recruit more anons to market the website, and spread the message

General Brainstorming[]

  • the site shoud be simple, easy to digest.
  • it should aim to the general public,
  • then the curious, then the scienos
  • must address Spain and Latinamerica equally (we need to think the language thing too)
Chanon: would be good if we could get hold of some Mexican anon, it seems to be big there


  • it must have an info pack for the press
  • it needs to have direct reference to the scripture and court documents (in some cases even translations, e.g. for the fair game policy)
Chanon: It must be clear from the beginning that we can prove our facts. This will distinguish us from CoS.
  • others: news of scientology crimes, links, map of scifag influence
  • find moar ex cienciologos stories

Enturbulation Threads Covering Spanish issues[]

The information there might help to get a better overview of the situation.

people start to discuss the situation in Spain

Protest threads (to recruit/inform/ask anons; get their nicks)


Chanon: there are several other sections, shall we put links to all the threads here? I guess, it might be usefull to give everyone the comfort to access quickly to these thread... if you thinks it's worthwhile, feel free to post the other links (feb10, april12, march15 post game sections)


  • we could mirror pages like youfoundthecard.com
  • we could mirror whyweprotest (better then linking I think)
  • protest material


  • cover how CoS managed to get status as a religion in Spain
  • cover the history of crimes, trials etc. of CoS in Spain
  • cover the position of other European countries to CoS
  • what Spanish cult/sect experts think of CoS (some interviews would be great)
  • cover media bias in Spain (how most media doesn't say a word about the controversial aspects)


  • maybe contact the argentian critic (search for public critics in Latin America or Spain)


  • have a youfoundthecard.com section in Spanish!!!
  • have a Spanish forum (so that Spanish anons that prefer communicating in Spanish can establish contact and coordinate)


  • Lisa McPherson
  • Ex scientology kids stories translated


  • ArnieLerma suggests translating this: http://www.lermanet.com/cos/spain.html. Sounds interesting, but it heavy with legalese and may not have immediate "media impact". It is, however, evidence of a spanish court finding Scientology guilty of crimes.


  • two undercover videos from Spanish TV
  • one youtube video about Almodovar's connection with Cruise
  • Message to Scientology etc.
  • hopefully any time soon: translated version of Road to February 10
  • Get good documentaries or Anonymous videos subtitled

Video Links[]

spanish tv reporter:

part01: http://youtube.com/watch?v=NnnZ2EnEnXA
part02: http://youtube.com/watch?v=x_9dzJ0yMsw
part03: http://youtube.com/watch?v=N6Bp36ehdI4
part04: http://youtube.com/watch?v=SHxaj7HUH6o

Protest Material Links[]

translations, flyers, headers, etc

Information Links[]

  • from whyweprotest link list (agentinian guy)
  • Links to all of Anonymous' translations so far
  • links to existing CoS forums (that Anonymous approves of)

Title and URL of website[]

ChanonWill we get anyone to open up a website and give his identity? I don't think so. What possibilites do we have then? --> We can put the content on some of Anonymous' server and use a free redirection like xxx.cjb.net. Any other ideas?


some bits:
1. hosting:
2. domain
3. redirection
1.hosting: it can be done in wordpress, guide: http://advocacy.globalvoicesonline.org/tools/guide/
plus: run access to the intertubes from a os that not leaks dns, +firefox, +tor+privoxy, +java off or noscript (or fake all the above). since tor nodes can be corrupted, i preffer the other ways. but this level of tinfoil.hat maybe is enough
hosting at wordpress will allow multiple backups. in case of problems, just redirect it to the domain
2. domain: it could be registered via whois protection service to protect the owner identity. the domain can be deleted (like wikileaks)
3. redirection: what code is needed to do it at cjb.net?

Spanish Videos[]

Hidden Camera Investigation[]

Preview picture Title, author, date and original description


File:Yt ocul1.jpg 7,787

Adventistas/Cienciologia/Camara oculta/ Cap/1/4 (Hampton1844, 10-21-07)
1/4: Cienciologia como se lleva a cabo la captacion...

2/4: La utilizacion de niños por parte de la secta...

3/4: Presentacion de Tom Cruise. Los lideres de la secta se han percatado que la potencial discipula no es mas que una periodista inflitrada y la han comenzado a cercar con interrogatorios, diferentes test e intimidaciones...

4/4: avava

part 1, 2, 3, 4


File:Yt toma.jpg 3,638

Aquí Hay Tomate del día 26 de Noviembre. Fragmentos relacionados con GH.

[...] noemi ungria cienciologia secta dianetica

part 1, 2, 3

Youtube Messages from Anonymous[]

Preview picture Title, author, date and original description


File:Yt anon.jpg 2,135

Comunicado de Anónimo contra la cienciología (anonimogonzalez, 02-04-08)
Uníos a las manifestaciones contra la Cienciología. 10 de Febrero de 2008, 11 AM.

Iglesia en Madrid: C/ Santa Catalina, 7 (esq. Calle del Prado) Iglesia en Barcelona: C/Dos de Maig 310 Baixos 08025 Barcelona, Spain


File:Yt Ano2.jpg 1,014

Spanish Translation of Message to Scientology (alnonimo, 01-26-08)
Hola Cienciología. Somos Anónimo.

Durante los años pasados, hemos estado observándolos. Sus campañas de mala información; la supresión de desensión; su carácter litigioso, todas estas cosas nos han llamado la atención. Con el escape recién de la propaganda en forma de video al público general, la extensión de su influencia malvada sobre los que confían en Uds. [...]


File:Yt acci.jpg 759

Llamado a la accion (felipusrex, 01-29-08)
Ha llamado la atención de Anónimo que algunos de ustedes no entienden claramente que somos, o porqué hemos emprendido nuestras acciones.

Contrario a lo que creen los medios, Anónimo no es simplemente "un grupo de super hackers".

Anónimo es un colectivo de individuos conscientes de que alguien debe hacer lo correcto, que alguien debe traer luz a la oscuridad, que alguien debe abrir los ojos de un público durmiente.[...]

In the News[]

Preview picture Title, author, date and original description


File:Yt billion.jpg


Toque de Queda Para los Móviles Talibanes (mobuzzES, 03-14-08)
Wikileaks exhibe un contrato por mil millones de años de un miembro de la Iglesia de la Cienciología; Los Talibanes imponen un Toque de Queda para los móviles en Afganistán; YouTube directo a la televisión, con TiVo; Japón decreta la muerte de los móviles de segunda generación; Vídeos en HDTV de la Luna, tomadas por la sonda Selene


File:Yt emtr.jpg


Subastas Espesas en el Agregador de Noticias (mobuzzES, 02-21-08)
La Iglesia de Cienciología esta autorizada para elminar subastas de e-meter en eBay; Newspond: innovador agregador de noticias en internet con altas miras; la Vía Láctea tiene el doble de espesor que lo que se pensaba; Todo Ozzy Osbourne en código de barras por Scott Blake; Convierte tus pelis HD DVDs a Blu-Ray.

Diverse Stuff[]

Preview picture Title, author, date and original description


File:Yt spesp.jpg


Dianetica Cienciologia (Southpark sobre Cienciología) (GuruBranson2, 01-26-08)
¿Que es lo que ellos realmente creen?

No te dejes engañar, Busca en Google y no seas una victima mas...


File:Yt sicia.jpg 340

Cienciología contra la psiquiatría (barbacoa2021, 02-05-08)
Sabido es el conflicto entre esta secta y el gobierno alemán, en este video de DWTV se muestra como la secta manipula a las personas, mostrando realidades totalmente opuestas