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Social news sites[]

Chanon: Maybe we should get a bigger number of accounts of the services other then digg in advance, what do you think? How many?


Who will make sure that the digg story is created?

  • names here:


Who will make sure that the digg story is created?

  • names here:

On youtube[]

  • asking youtube users to include the link to the digg story in popular videos
  • asking some critic to mention and link the video on youtube
  • include the link in as many new videos as possible

flyer, a sticker, dollar bills, businesscards etc.[]

  • create a short free redirection URL that can be put on flyers, cards, dollar bills etc.
  • Who creates it, what name? (I know xxx.cjb.net)
  • contact other anon cells to ask them to include the link on their flyer etc.

forums, newsgroups[]

Create a list of relevant newsgroups/forums:

  • alt.religion.scientology
  • de.soc.weltanschauung.scientology
  • exscientologykids
  • OCMB
  • celebrity forums?
  • forums in different countries
  • 4chan!?


  • there should be some stickied thread just for this video
  • maybe some special notice from the webmasters in the interface (might be too much?)


  • what channels might be receptive for that?
  • can this be promoted in a chat at all???

a comment to an article[]

  • what articles are most discussed?
  • get a list of articles
  • maybe this section is not too effective? :-S
  • but maybe we could leave comment to youtube videos (hmm?)

at the front page of some website[]

  • we might ask some major critic's website to have the link on the cover for some time
  • you found the card; xenu.net; lermanet; linklist of whyweprotest; maybe even enturbulation; partyvan

individual messages[]

tell/mail your friend[]

  • creating chain mails (snow ball effect)

anonymous email[]

  • do we have such a list?
  • why we protest has a mailing list...

PM in forums[]

  • this might backfire if we PMed lots in forums where we recently registered...
  • maybe using very little

radio or television[]

  • quite unlikely maybe
  • broadcast it ourselves?
  • ask small regional media (mid term goal maybe)



  • must look promising, relevant, make them curious
  • creative and empathetic
  • adequate to the recipient/target group
  • description must be good and short (mabye provoking, creating anger, emotions, creating the desire to learn more about it)
  • every message must evoke: attention, interest, desire, action

Standard Forum message[]

Text here

Standard comment to article[]

Text here

Description for social news[]

Text here

Ideas about the timing[]