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Formulas for donation amounts[]

On the list always use real (US) dollar amounts for donations, and be sure whether they are IAS donations or Ideal Org (buildings) donations, as some levels for both have the same name but different amounts.

IAS donations[]

  • Lifetime membership: $5,000
  • Sponsor: $10,000
  • Crusader: $25,000
  • Patron: $50,000
  • Patron with Honors: $100,000
  • Patron Meritorious: $250,000
  • Silver Meritorious: $500,000 (was $750,000 prior to February 2005)
  • Gold Meritorious: $1 million
  • Platinum Meritorious: $2.5 million
  • Diamond Meritorious: $5 million
  • Patron Laureate: $10 million
  • Platinum Laureate: $12 million
  • Diamond Laureate: $15 million
  • Patron Excalibur: $20 million
  • Platinum Excalibur: $22 million
  • Diamond Excalibur: $25 million
  • Patron Maximus: $30 million
  • Platinum Maximus: $35 million
  • Diamond Maximus: $40 million
  • Patron Invictus: $50 million
  • Platinum Invictus: $60 million
  • Diamond Invictus: $70 million

Ideal Org (Buildings/Locations) donations[]

  • Sponsor: $500
  • Crusader: $1,000
  • Honor Roll: $5,000
  • Cornerstone: $10,000
  • Cornerstone with Honors: $20,000
  • Vanguard Member: $35,000
  • Benefactor: $50,000
  • Guarantor: $75,000
  • Humanitarian: $100,000
  • Humanitarian with Honors: $150,000
  • Silver Humanitarian: $250,000
  • Gold Humanitarian: $500,000
  • Platinum Humanitarian: $750,000
  • New Civilization Builder: $1,000,000
  • New Civilization Builder with Honors: $2,500,000
  • New Civilization Builder Meritorious: $5,000,000
  • New Civilization Builder Platinum Meritorious: $7,500,000
  • Silver New Civilization Builder: ?
  • Gold New Civilization Builder: ?
  • Ideal New Civilization Builder: ?


If you're using a text search of articles/other lists don't forget to search for non-American spellings like Honour and Civilisation.

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Names from public Government inquiries[]

These names are not to be added until each one is mentioned by full name in other media or are quoted from full transcripts of their hearings/testimonies. When they are added, put a star in front of their name on this list:

South African Commission of Enquiry into Scientology (June 9, 1972)[]

G.R. Alcock
C.R. Anstey
H.M. Barnard
H. Bayer
M. Benjamin
I.R. Benson
R.C. Bester
D.J.L. Bizzell
J. Boshoff
W.J. Botha
H.J. Brown
A.H. Carter
J.B. Carter
E.E.M. Cleenwerck
E.W.E. Coetzee
W.A. Cook
J.M.D.S.F. Correia
A.B. Daneel
D.O. Deacon
P.W.J. Delport
D.A. De Villiers
C.E. Dickerson
J.D. Dodds
J.H. Du Plessis
G.V. Durow
D.F. Elliott
E.W. Elliott
M.B. Feldman
E.L. Fisher
K.E.S. Freer
B.C. Geldenhuys
F.M. du P. Glazer
L. Goodman
P.J. Griffiths
R.W.H. Griffiths
M. Grobbelaar
P.J. Hartzenberg
T.C. Hawley
A. Henning
H.G. Herman
H.W.G. Herman
A.M. Kirkman
B. Kruger
C.F. Kruger
A.M. Lamont
N.A. Lawson
P.G. Lombard
N.S. Louw
P. Madathoana
M. McAll
M.R. McAll
J.F. McKendry
G.P. McNamee
G. Mellett
B.A. Michaelides
I.J. Mills
D.H. Misplon
V.H. Moller
A.K. Morris
D.L.M. Morris
I.R. Morris
A.M. Nel
G.K. Nelson

  • M.J. Nicholson (Margaret)

J.N. Ollemans (Joy Noel)
P.H. Ollemans
E.F. Paltiel

  • A.P. Parkhouse (Alison)

S.J. Parkhouse (Jack - Sidney John)
T.A.A. Peeters
W.J. Pelser
M.G. Perkins
V.I. Pitcher
G.A. Rabie
W.P. Radloff
A.S. Roos
E. Schlesinger
J.O.N. Schofield
R.S. Selesnick
D.W.G. Shuttleworth
G.J. Smit
S.G.A. Snow
J. Solomon
S.D. Starkey
A. Tannenbaum
H.E. Teifel
J.W. Theron
L.J. Thompson
E. Van Niekerk
P. Van Niekerk
S.C. Van Niekerk
P.A. Van Zyl
L. Vitus
S.H.A. Von Fintel
S.C. Williams
S.O.'C. Wilson

The Commission of Inquiry into the Hubbard Scientology Organisation in New Zealand (June 30, 1969)[]

R.J. Horsfall
G.F. Kennedy
C.F. Lawrence
E.F. Lawson
F.P. O'Donnell
K. O'Donnell
P.G. O'Donnell
S.M. O'Donnell
G.S. Partridge
G.H. Whiting
M.E. Whiting
P.A. Williams

Victorian Report of the Board of Inquiry into Scientology (September 28, 1965)[]

Note: When a name is known as a witness for Scientology without subsequently leaving/speaking out, put a strike through that name.

  • George Leslie Alexander

Laurence Herbert Allen

  • Francis James Maxwell Anderson

Roy Cecil Ash
Joan Elizabeth Beats
Gordon Francis Bellmaine
Michael Andrade Birch
Cyril Ernest Bird

  • Roger Ernest Boswarva

Geoffrey Anthony Bowers
Ronald Edwin Budgeon
John Page Burstin
John Herbert Joseph Campbell
Roger Churchward
Lorna Hamilton Clark
Keith Rutland Collyer
Paul Malcolm Coltman
Lyulph Cousland
Peter Althorne Crooke
Peter John Crundall
Kenneth Eric Delderfield
Rosemary Ann Delderfield
Irene Phyllis Dixon
William Pratt Dobell
Marcus Brian Dunn
Rodger Edward Dunn
Harry Eizenberg
William Albert Fleming
Zoltan Charles Fodor
Rosalind Anne Gallasch
Peter Frederick Gallop
George Herbert Gilford
Peter Francis Gillham
Yvonne Doreen Gillham
Olive Ravenscroft Glogan
Catherine Mary Gogerly
Ernest Denzil Stephen Gogerly
Jocelyn Helen Goss
John Francis Green
Ivan Noel Griffiths
Judith Helen Guy
Irene Rosa Hagen
Clifford Edward John Hardy
Robert Lewis Hayes
Audrey Joy Sybil Henderson
Ella Rowena Heward
Lawrence Clyde Higgins
Jack Leslie Hodgson
D'Arcy Swain Hunt
Raymond Gordon Jenson
Sandra Johnson
Richard James King
Johanna Kooter
Johannes Kooter
Eric Bruce Lake
June Margaret Lake
Catherine Hazel Layton
Ruth Nancy Lennie
Amos Leonard
Lubomir Lutshetshko
George Bradley Maltby
Harold Edgar Mansbridge
Demitrios Mantacas
Ronald David Martin
Ronald Thomas Masters
Helen McKinnell Meadmore
Roger David Meadmore
Bettv Maree Miles
James Hamilton Momsen

  • Douglas Henry Moon

Richard Mullins
David John Myers
John Dugdale Myers
Ruth Charlotte McCann
Roland Cleva McCausland
Cassie Joyce McGregor
Robert James McGregor
Robert Ross McGregor
Owen Joseph McKenna
Pam McLeod
Ouida Florence MacKinnon
David Henry Athelstan Nall
Jennifer Jill Nall
James Graham Noonan
Gary Opper
Barbara Mary Peake
Dorothy Gwen Penberthy
Derek Roquet Phillips
Olive Joyce Phillips

  • Charles John Phipps

George Danaher Planck
Sepp Pointner
Robert Prisman
Kathleen Mary Redfern
William Robert Rowe
Margaret Oona Rutherfoord
Clive Shaw
Rodney Simondson
Edward William Slattery

  • Treasure Lily Southen 

Leonard Spyker
Katherine Steele

  • Gwendoline May Stevens

Marshall Alan Sutherland
Annie Tampion
Ian Kenneth Tampion
Eric Jack Thomas
Evan Neil Thomas
John Clifford Thomas
Kathleen Winifred Thompson
George Albert Tidy
Wilfred Harman Tolhurst
David Maxwell Tooley
Eric Barrs Truslove
Ross Sydney Turnbull
Dorothy Scott Bradley Walker
Margaret Walton

  • Phillip Bennett Wearne

Robert Kneale Westwood
Laurel Miriam Jean Whiteford
James Haslam Wilkinson
Penelope Elizabeth Berncastel Williams
Peter Rogers Williams
Alan Ross Williamson
Andrew John Youngman

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