Why We Protest Scientology Wiki

I can take the lead on this section. There is a lot more verifiable documentation out there. I would like some feedback on what kind of tone it should have and how much is enough. Also format? CoS statement vs. truth bullet points or paragraph/story form?

My understanding is that the audience of the output will be politicians and press, so I would go with listing vs. a story.

Let me know what you think.

Oh that would be fantastic. Documentation will improve this no-end! I've changed the order of the two sections around, so it starts with the CoS's claims, and ends with what actually was his life. Perhaps bullet-points would be good for a list of claims about his life, but in combination with paragraphs. If you're prefer to structure the article differently (for example, claim-rebuttal, claim-rebuttal, etc) then that's fine too. Whatever works best for the material available.
I guess in terms of tone - just making sure it's not to vitriolic, but preempts the claims the CoS likes to make about his life and contributions to society. I wouldn't make it too long, but whatever is required to provide adequate information - and using headings/subheadings to divide the information into easily read chunks. Thanks for putting your hand up for this. El Diablo 22:53, 21 December 2009 (UTC)