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Spokesman for the Cult of Scientology



  • Mr. Davis, the church’s current spokesman, said Scientologists are no different from Mormons, Catholics, Jehovah’s Witnesses and Amish who practice shunning or excommunication. "These are common religious tenets," he said. "The very survival of a religion is contingent on its protecting itself." Template:CiteWeb

Freeloader Debt[]

  • "We actually don’t bill anybody when they leave um the only circumstances under which somebody might have an obligation for which they’re responsible for after they leave the Sea Organisation is if there was something for which there was inadequate exchange as a result of what they received. Let’s say if it was professional training or something by which they could derive income and that it actually cost the church money to train them to do that, that might be a circumstance by which you know there would be an obligation of the church to see to it that there’s some sort of appropriate exchange but I couldn’t, yeah that would sort of be the simplest way to answer that."

Four Corners interview (Feb 2010) Template:CiteWeb

Sea Org Abortion[]

"Sea Org members do not have children. If someone is a member of the Sea Organisation and they wish to have a child, they would need to do so outside of the Sea Org," but he denies that the church has any policy of coercing women into having abortions. -- Four Corners interview (Feb 2010)

RPF Labor Camp[]

"Members who burn out on their jobs or are failing or incapable of or not performing well in their functions, can be given the voluntary opportunity to have a period of reflection, rehabilitation, redemption." -- Four Corners interview (Feb 2010)