Why We Protest Scientology Wiki

Raid pages are meant as a type of "homepage" for Anon cells. Contact information, protest location, pictures, videos, and the works can be linked to and posted here.


  1. Find your city on the List of IRL raids.
  2. If it is red, click on it to create it. Otherwise, it already exists.
  3. Type in {{subst:raidcity}}.
  4. Click "save".
  5. Edit a second time to begin working on your page. Be sure to remove the comments under raid history and activate the <onlyinclude></onlyinclude> before saving!

The result[]

You'll notice that the page is populated by an example template I created. This can be a type of "homepage" for any given anon cell for protest location and other things. Of course it's all experimental, and this is just an example template.

If you look over the format of Vancouver, British Columbia (click edit), you'll see one example of how a city page can be used. Individual anonymous cells can set up their own conventions for how to use their respective pages. Leave a comment here if you have any questions. You may also want to check out the basic introduction on how to use wiki syntax.

Embedding content[]

To embed video, use {{#ev:service|ID}}. For the "service" parameter, you can use youtube, youtubewide, googlevideo, or rutube. For example, {{#ev:youtube|JCbKv9yiLiQ}} would embed "Message to Scientology". Mp3 audio can be embedded using Muzikons as the service. To embed an external image, simply paste the link of the image.