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Jerry Pournelle tells Leo LaPorte about L.Ron Hubbard, 8m 34s, Sunday October 13, 2013

@4:10 - "Hubbard left a legacy of this Writers of the Future thing which is not conne.. it is connected with Scientology in the sense that the Scientologists basically man the professional staff of it, but the judges are not, the guy who teaches the course for writers who win the things are not. It's Tim Powers and he's Roman Catholic. In other words it's straight, and I don't really want to tar that place which does good with a lot of these things about Hubbard" -- Jerry Pournelle

Compare that to what was reported in the Village Voice on the 12th of March, 2012, and to what Deirdre Saoirse Moen blogged about on the 14th of February that year. She was in Scientology for 11 years as Deirdre Maloy - her story.

Edit: @0:18 "The guy that knew him best of all was Mr. Heinlein. Robert Heinlein was also one of the most honorable men I've ever met. I once asked him what he thought of Ron and he said ´Ron's one of the five best friends I ever had in my life´ … A lot of the stories about Hubbard just simply can't be true or Heinlein would never have had anything to do with him." -- Jerry Pournelle

Well now we know a lot more than Jerry did regarding what Robert Heinlein thought about L. Ron Hubbard: http://tonyortega.org/2014/11/08/the-heinlein-letters-what-l-ron-hubbards-close-friends-really-thought-of-him/

May 10, 1946: “I don’t understand Ron’s current activities. I am considerably disturbed by them,” Heinlein confided to their mutual friend, John Arwine, who was, like Hubbard, a war veteran. Heinlein told Arwine that he was concerned that Hubbard was trying to be a “Big Operator” rather than getting his writing career back in order.

Heinlein was apparently aware of Hubbard’s involvement in occult rituals in 1945 and 1946 with Jack Parsons … and warned Arwine not to get involved with Hubbard if he ran into him in New York. “I think you could easily find yourself in some sort of a jam if you let him get too close to you at this time,” Heinlein warned.

On the 7th of August that year his wife Leslyn warns Catherine Sprague to keep her husband away from Hubbard and his new wife Betty Northrup, who she says is Hubbard’s latest “Man-Eating Tigress.” They had tried to warn John Arwine about going near Hubbard, but Arwine had stopped answering their letters, she says.

“You see, Ron is working the Poor Wounded Veteran racket…and Johnny is a sucker for the Our Boys stuff,” she writes.

By not acknowleding that Heinlein knew how sinister Hubbard truly was Jerry is doing a disservice to Sci-fi fans around the world allowing Scientology to use his name to promote itself as anything other than sinister.