Why We Protest Scientology Wiki

Intentional or not, here are (ED: now over) a dozen combinations of psychological mechanisms that can be found in various aspects/experiences in Scientology:

  1. Asch conformity experiments combined with love-bombing (Body Routing)
  2. Barnum Effect combined with Closing techniques (Regging)
  3. Ganzfeld effect combined with trance-inducing compliance and Traumatic bonding (TRs, Bullbaiting)
  4. Ideomotor phenomenon combined with Illusory correlation (E-meter)
  5. Double Bind and Confusion Technique combined with Delusions of Grandeur (Auditing)
  6. Self-imposed Disaffectation combined with Projective Identification (Emotional Tone Scale)
  7. Escalation of commitment combined with Reiteration effect (Course Graduation "Success Stories")
  8. Thought-terminating cliches combined with propaganda by redefinition of words (MUs, Tech dictionaries)
  9. Us and them mentality combined with medical Self-blame (PTS/SP/Disconnection, "Pulling it in")
  10. Belief Perseverance combined with Fundamental attribution error (KSW, OT Phenomena)
  11. Identity Transference combined with the Milgram experiment (LRH lectures, Policy lookup)
  12. Effort justification combined with sunk cost Choice-supportive bias (Event attendance, Donations)
  13. Snitching culture combined with gaslighting (Knowledge Reports/OSA)
  14. Lying by omission combined with Vexatious litigation ("Acceptable Truth"/"Greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics")
  15. The planning fallacy combined with sleep deprivation ("Clearing the Planet" as Staff/Sea Org)
  16. Stanford prison experiment combined with learned helplessness (Lower conditions formulas/RPF)

Just reading about them might be enough, but if someone can relate to how these are done outside the context of Scientology that could be more effective as a way of understanding.

NOTE: #5, #6, #9 and #14 were added since this was originally published.