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Template:PEx-Scientologist, Larry Brennan, is well known for his invaluable effort against the criminal abuses of the church. Mr. Brennan has testified in court and before government investigative bodies. He actively participates in public protests.

Template:PAll quotations in this article are from Mr. Brennan’s website: “Speaking Out About Organized Scientology”

Template:PLarry Brennan worked for L. Ron Hubbard as the “Legal Branch Director” of Scientology’s “Guardians Office”, a position that put him charge of all corporate legal matters throughout the United States. Larry’s key positions on church staff during Scientology’s go-go years of the 1970s and 80s has given him unique knowledge of the structure and development of Scientology.


Template:PMr. Brennan left Scientology in 2001 to become a leading critic of the church:


Template:PHere are Larry Brennan’s insights into the early years of Scientology’s WISE organization:


Template:PAn entire book can be written on this subject, but the above is a succinct overview of the history, methods and true purpose of this particular Scientology front group.

Template:PThe complete story of Scientology’s extortion racket, WISE is yet to be written. However, Mr. Brennan has written a superb book on Scientology’s corporate restructuring which he helped orchestrate.

Template:PThe story of Scientology’s corporate shell game and Mr. Brennan’s experience in the church can be read or downloaded from his website: “Speaking Out About Organized Scientology”